Internship and student job

In Esbjerg there are plenty of opportunities to get closer to the companies and the job opportunities they represent.

On each of the educational institutions there emlpoyees are ready to help you find internship, student job, or a case-business for a project. Find the career center or business office at your educational institution in the list below.

At Newcomer Service you can also find help. Among others they organise Newcomer Hub Jobcafé’s where you can get information about the danish job market, as well as individual sparring.

Visit http://newinesbjerg.dk/en-gb/forside-1  and look for Newcomer Hub for more information.

Career center and student jobs

Mette is ready to help!

Contact Mette on facebook, by e-mail or give her a call +45 36 97 35 14

Mette is part of Studiebyen Esbjerg, and she is ready to help you.