Ten fun exam breaks

You have a huge backlog of studying to do, your exam is right around the corner and your head is a mess – does that sound familiar? You are not alone!

Luckily, Esbjerg has some great places, where you can relaxe, have fun and recharge your batteries. We have 10 fun ideas for exam breaks, so you can re-energize and get all your work done in time.


  • Fresh breeze from the sea

    Go to Sædding Strand and admire one of the city’s proud landmarks ‘Man Meets the Sea’. Here you can also feel the North Sea’s fresh breeze all the way to your lungs. Enjoy the view, take a deep breath and take a walk on the beach.

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  • A fresh bike ride

    Jump on your bike and take the 12 km long nature bike path along the sea all the way to Marbæk. Here you find a part of National Park Vadehavet, which has a very special and varying plant and animal life and lots of adventurous paths and bike tracks. You might get lost, but you will definitely forget your stressful situation.

    Find all biking routes here
  • Go for a run in beautiful surroundings

    Put on your running shoes and go for a run in Vognsbølparken. Here you find a system of paths that brings you through forest and by lakes. It is also possible to use outdoor fitness facilities and to meet deer, birds and highland cattle on your way. Exercise makes you re-energize – so get going!

    Find a map of Vognsbølparken here
  • A micro cruise to Fanø

    Go down to the harbour and jump aboard the ferry to Fanø. On the short ‘cruise’ you can see Esbjerg from a different angle and enjoy the scenic entering of the island. You can stroll around Nordby and enjoy a nice lunch or take a longer trip to the southern part of the island. Fanø has a relaxed atmosphere and small interesting stores, that will do wonders for your stress-level.

    Read more about Fanø here


  • Visit a café

    It can be a good thing to get out of your apartment, so you won’t be reminded of your exam or other obligations. Luckily we have a lot of cozy café’s in Esbjerg, you can visit! Amongst other, you can visit Portlands, where you can get a good cup of coffee, while beating your friends in board games. You must admit, that it’s pretty hard to think about exams, if your filthy rich in Monopoly!

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  • Catch an early screening in the cinema

    The best thing about studying for exam, is that you can plan your day however your want! That way you can easily catch an early screening in the cinema, when you want a break from studying. The prices are a bit cheaper before 6 pm and there won’t be as many guests in the cinemas. A good way to forget yourself and your own problems for 1,5 hours and disappearing into a different universe. And just so we’re clear – you can easily visit the cinema on your own!

    The program for Nordisk Film's cinema in Esbjerg
  • Go for a swim in Swimming Stadium Denmark

    Going for a swim can be a very good way to unwind, and don't forget they have a student discount in Swimming Stadium Denmark. Here you can take a couple of laps in the activity pool, a ride on the water slide or discover your inner child in the wave pool. You can also relax in the roman bath and try the sauna.

    Read more about Swimming Stadium Denmark


  • DIY and baking projects

    Taking on a creative project, can also be a good way to remove the focus from your exam. Try looking at Pinterest for inspiration! It is both cozy and self-actualizing to complete a project that is perhaps a bit more manageable than your upcoming exam.
    You can also take over your kitchen Martha Stewart-style and start a grand baking project! You can make something to bring for lunch in school or something sweet to treat yourself ;-) It’s a good way to make your everyday life a bit easier, to save money and take your mind off other obligations.

    Use Pinterest for inspiration
  • Visit your friends

    Visit your friends or invite them over for a good old fashioned hang-out. Have fun and forget all about your exam. They are most likely in the same situation as you, so you have the opportunity to get some good advice as well!

  • Netflix ( ...and chill)

    Reserve your evening for a night of Netflix, blankets and pyjamas! Put it in your schedule as a treat for yourself, so you won’t feel guilty about it. Decide in the morning, what you want to watch – that way you have something to look forward to and have a good reason for studying your pants off!

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