Film scoring

Film scoring is a Master’s degree programme aiming to provide the students with the required, specialized knowledge, skills and competences needed for a professional life in film scoring at the highest international level and as an entrepreneur in the film music business.

Through intensive courses, composers, tonmeisters, film editors and directors from home and abroad help each individual student develop their artistic and professional competences.

AMDA continually develops collaboration with key figures within the film industry from across the world, most recently in 2010 with partners from New York, Los Angeles and London.

Professor and film composer Jacob Groth holds the main artistic responsibility for the film composition programme.

Language requirements

The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Southern Denmark welcomes foreign students. Most teachers, students and members of the administrative staff speak good English – and are happy to do so!

Solo lessons can be conducted in English upon agreement between student and teacher. Group teaching is in Danish. Some teachers are able and willing to summarize their teaching for foreign students. Foreign students should ask their teachers for a list of publications in English (or any other appropriate language) that supports the curriculum.

Foreign students are warmly encouraged to follow language classes in order to learn Danish as quickly as possible after arriving in Denmark.

Lærdansk offers Danish tuition in 20 Danish municipalities. Classes are free of

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